Khoo Ching Soong is a 6th year medical student at the Crimean State Medical University (CSMU) named after S. I. Georgievsky in Ukraine. Since his 2nd year studies, he was appointed the Secretary of the Malaysian Chinese Student Association (MCSA) of our university. In the 3rd year, he became one of the active members of the European Medical Studentsí Association (EMSA) and organized the first International Medical Studentsí Conference at his university.

One year later, he was voted the President of the Malaysian Chinese Student Association and appointed the Vice-President of the Studentsí Scientific Society (SSS). He was then involved in organizing another studentsí conference with a grander scale. Last year, he organized the first convention of medical students in Warsaw, Poland. This convention saw a participation of nearly 100 students and teachers.

He has won the second prize in the Oral Presentation in the Istanbul Medical Congress 2008 in Turkey. He can be contacted at

2nd International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2009)