IOMC 2009 Conference Schedule

- We are glad to inform you that IOMC 2009 Conference Schedule has been announced. You can see and download it now:

       - IOMC 2009 Conference Schedule (PDF Format)


You can also see the Conference Schedule below:

Please check the conference program now.

All Conference presenters please make sure to find your presentation time from the Schedule and be prepared for presenting on the mentioned day.

Presenters are required to have a microphone so that they can talk over their slides while presenting. Presenters are also asked to be available in the conference room at least 30 minutes before their presentation starts, so that they make sure they can join the conference room on time.

Each presentation is allowed 30 minutes which includes 20 minutes for presenting and 10 minutes for Question & Answers. Presenters please respect this time limit as it will allow the presentation evaluation.

Each presentations will be judged by at least one IOMC judge. in the meanwhile, participants will also be provided with the opportunity to judge on the presenter's skills and performance.

There are two different conference rooms (Room 1 & Room 2), which will work simultaneously. The link and details on how to join the conference rooms will be emailed to registered conference participants some days before the conference.

Presenters please make sure that you attend the right conference room when it is your presentation time.

IOMC held successfully one Pre-Conference training Session so that participants and presenters get to know about the conference software and learn how to use it for presentation. If you couldn't attend the first session, you are strongly recommended to attend the second Pre-Conference Training session which will be held on Tuesday (March 10, 2009). It takes you less than 10 minutes to attend the session but it will result in a much better quality of presentation on the conference day and also will increase your performance and chances to be an Award Winner of IOMC 2009, so please attend this session. The details about this session will be emailed to you in another email soon.

IOMC 2009 participants and presenters come from across the world. Conference organizers have tried their best to assign a presentation time which is most suitable to the presenter's preferences, however, sometimes this might not have happened. Therefore, we excuse for that and thank you very much for your collaboration to present your work at the assigned time.

If for any reason, you cannot attend the conference to present your work or cannot present at the assigned time, please email us immediately.

Thank you once again.

We look forward to seeing you in IOMC 2009.

IOMC 2009 Conference Organizers

(Last Update: Mar. 08, 2009)

2nd International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2009)

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