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Supported by International Online Medical Conference (IOMC)


Workshops & Seminars

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IOMC is holding Free Online Workshops, Webinars & Seminars to help researchers and educators worldwide gain invaluable knowledge regardless of their geographic region. IOMC Free Online Workshops are brought to you by IOMC Education Portal an initiative of
International Online Medical Conference (IOMC). Each of these seminars and workshops will earn participants a credit. The more credits you accrue, the higher are your chances for a promotion would be (This stands true for Student Peer reviewers and CSB members especially). IOMC's primary responsibility and aim is to educate young and established researchers , present their researchers and advocate them and provide better baseline for researches. IOMC aims to contribute to the health care by adopting the above mentioned methods.

To achieve some of our aims and objectives, we welcome everyone to write articles and present them in a PowerPoint slideshow for everyone who is interested. The topics should be interesting and crucial to health care, and should contain evidence/statistics to claim the conclusion is true.

These seminars/events/workshops/articles are free to everyone. Some of them might be free to only IOMC existing members and participants. But initially all our educational programs shall be free. Open discussion is allowed and any tips/suggestions/opinions are welcome.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at iomcportal@ioksp.com

Last update: Jan. 16, 2009