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Meta-Analysis* (FREE Online Workshop)
Author & Presenter:
Dr. Jaspreet S. Brar

IOMC Members Only *

* IOMC Members: Previous IOMC Conferences registered participants including IOMC 2008 & 2009 participants.

* Electronic Certificate will be given to the registered participants who have actively attended the workshop.

Date & Venue:
May 09, 2009 -
Online Workshop

Time: 15:00-16:00 GMT (3:00-4:00 PM) (Click to see in your local time)

Current GMT Time is:

Meta-analysis is a statistical technique for combining the findings from independent studies. It is most often used to assess the clinical effectiveness of healthcare interventions; it does this by combining data from two or more randomized control trials.

  Meta-Analysis - Free IOMC Online Workshop

Meta-analysis of trials provides a precise estimate of treatment effect, giving due weight to the size of the different studies included. Meta analysis can be used as a guide to answer the question 'does what we are doing make a difference to X?', even if 'X' has been measured using different instruments across a range of different people. Meta-analysis provides a systematic overview of quantitative research which has examined a particular question.
The first meta-analysis was performed by Karl Pearson in 1904, in an attempt to overcome the problem of reduced statistical power in studies with small sample sizes; analyzing the results from a group of studies can allow more accurate data analysis. Although meta-analysis is widely used in epidemiology and evidence-based medicine today, a meta-analysis of a medical treatment was not published until 1955.

- http://www.evidence-based-medicine.co.uk
- http://wilderdom.com/
- http://wikipedia.org/

Target Audience:
This presentation is helpful to all Healthcare researchers, residents, professionals, physicians, and medical students.

Credit Earned: 0.50 (An additional 0.25 credit shall be given if the participant discussed the seminar in the open discussion forum and took part actively in the discussions)

The number of participants who can attend this workshop (workshop seats) is limited. So please register on time. To do so,
please fill in the Workshop Registration Form and send it to iomcportal@ioksp.com 

Important Notice: Only IOMC Members (previous IOMC Conferences registered participants including IOMC 2008 & 2009 participants) can enroll in this free online workshop.

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