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Evidence Based Medicine* (FREE)
Author & Presenter:
Dr. Jaspreet S. Brar

* Electronic Certificate will be given to the registered participants who have actively attended the workshop.

Date & Venue:
January 24, 2009 -
Online Workshop

Time: 15:00-16:00 GMT (3:00-4:00 PM) (Click to see in your local time)

Current GMT Time is:

The most common definition of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is taken from Dr. David Sackett. EBM is "the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research" (Sackett D, 1996). It aims to apply evidence gained from the scientific method to certain parts of medical practice. It seeks to assess the quality of evidence (Institute of Medicine).

Studies of information-seeking habits of physicians, have shown that when asked, physicians reported that their practice generated about 2 questions for every 3 patients. Only 30% of physicians' information needs were met during the patient visit, usually by a colleague. Reasons for not using printed resources included office textbook collections too old, lack of knowledge of appropriate resources, and lack of time to find the needed information (Covell DG, 1995).

However, studies have also shown that when clinicians have access to information, it changes their patient care management decisions.

- Covell, DG. Uman, CG. Manning, PR. Information needs in office practice: are they being met? Annals of Internal Medicine 103(4):596-599, Oct 1995.
- Institute of Medicine Forum on Evidence Based Medicine, The IOM Roundtable on Evidence-Based Medicine brings together key stakeholders from multiple sectors—patients, health providers, payers, employers, manufacturers, policy makers, and researchers—for cooperative consideration of the ways that evidence can be better developed and applied to drive improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of medical care in the United States.
- Sackett, D. Evidence-based Medicine - What it is and what it isn't. http://www.cebm.net/ebm_is_isnt.asp 1996

Target Audience:
This presentation is helpful to all Healthcare researchers, residents, professionals, physicians.

Credit Earned: 0.50 (An additional 0.25 credit shall be given if the participant discussed the seminar in the open discussion forum and took part actively in the discussions)

The number of participants who can attend this workshop (workshop seats) is limited. So please register on time. To do so,
please fill in the Workshop Registration Form and send it to iomcportal@ioksp.com

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