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Enhancing learning through discerning digital skill*
Authors & Presenters: Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan, Dr. Husna Jamaluddin, Dr. Latiffah Abdul Latiff

The workshop entitled "Enhancing learning through discerning digital skill" was successfully held on November 22, 2008, at 9:00-10:30 GMT.

Dates Held:
Nov. 22, 2008
- Online Workshop (9:00-10:00 GMT)

Workshop Files:
Presentation File

Learning and Research involve acquiring data, information, knowledge, and skills. Undeniably Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is nowadays central to the dynamic processes of learning and research. As such pertinent knowledge and skills in using gadgets, devices, tools, and operational systems and applications, and on the ensuing connectivity, become imperative. E-Readiness is increasingly visualized as the primer of an information society. The global knowledge economy dictates the need for every learner and researcher to master certain level of savyness in operationalizing the computer, albeit the pervasive notebook. Hence we delineate and elaborate on the need and mechanics of setting up the workspace and equipping the required capacity and capability of a notebook system. In this workshop, determinants and requirements of computing knowledge and skill in delivering acceptable efficiency, connectivity, and efficacy are highlighted and the optimal requirement is focused on the detail pertinent of operating system configuration, system utilities, core applications, devices & tools, memory optimizing utilities, transcribing/multimedia/connectivity utility and applications, and commonly-used and special-used applications.

Target Audience:
This presentation is helpful to all who are interested in using Information, Communication Technologies (ICT) at their works

Electronic Certificate has been given to the registered participants who have actively attended the workshop.

Credit Earned: 0.50 (An additional 0.25 credit has been given to the participants of the workshop who
actively took part in the discussions)