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Barriers to Immunization in developed countries and developing countries* (FREE)
Author & Presenter:
Dr. Monica Gaidhane

* Electronic Certificate will be given to the registered participants who have actively attended the workshop.

Date & Venue:
Novemeber 29, 2008
- Online Workshop

Time: 15:00-16:00 GMT (3:00-4:00 PM) (Click to see in your local time)

Current GMT Time is:

NOTE: If you have already applied to attend the workshop but could not attend the previous session, you will be informed about the next session via email. If you have not already applied to attend the workshop but are interested to attend the workshop, please fill in the Workshop Registration Form and send it to iomcportal@ioksp.com

Immunization is one of the basic Public Health/Preventive Medicine measure to achieve immunity to a vaccine-preventable diseases. It increases the quality of life, longevity and ultimately, the economy. A Barrier to immunization, is a barrier to good health and good economy.
The presentation deals with the barriers to immunization in different age groups, in developed countries and certain developing countries, and why removing these barriers are some of the essential objectives of Public health and Physicians. And why integration in services would help us achieve our objectives.

Target Audience:
This presentation is helpful to all Public Health professionals, Physicians and the common man.

Note: After the seminars are held, the PowerPoint presentation shall NOT be available on the site, but the summarized article about the same shall be present on the site and would cover all the salient points of the slideshow.

Credit Earned: 0.50 (An additional 0.25 credit shall be given if the participant discussed the seminar in the open discussion forum and took part actively in the discussions)

The number of participants who can attend this workshop (workshop seats) is limited. So please register on time. To do so,
please fill in the Workshop Registration Form and send it to iomcportal@ioksp.com