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ICT, an inevitable need in today's medicine and healthcare

By: Prof. Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan


Information Communication Technology (ICT) heralds transformation and expectation of gaps redemption. ICT has pervaded every aspect of modern societal life. In every domain of knowledge, societal activity, and social intercourse, ICT has played pivotal roles in its connectivity, efficiency, and efficacy. Notwithstanding gaps and shortfalls, every country scrambles to be on the bandwagon of the e-readiness capacity and capability.


The apparent positive and enhancing impact, of e-savvy-ness and e-readiness, of a nation or of a business organization, on information communication and service requisition, augers well for the continuing advancement of ICT. The health industry and its business entity are no exception. Nevertheless when compared with other industries such media and entertainment, ICT diffusion in the health industry has been somewhat lagging and mediocre. Consequently there is plenty of unrealized potential in delivery system in health information and health care, especially at the primary level, hence extending to the community health care and services. This sentiment is persistently and ostentatiously echoed and recorded by the World Health Organization.

Their most recent report, The World Health Report 2008, clearly augments their concerns and clamors for urgent reforms in the health care and delivery systems, especially in the developing and poor countries.


Less we forget, approximately three quarters of the world population are in dire need of urgent help to survive and live in a dignified way. The changing challenges of globalization do unfortunately structure some negative societal impacts primarily due the fast pace of competition. The “Law of the Jungle” operates in many facets of intense competition. Provision of adequate health care and services provides glaring example of this ever-widening disparity between the “have” and “have-nots”. Central to this disparity gap is the accessibility and procuring of health information. Having China as the major manufacturing and production centre of electronic goods, fundamental economic principle dictates cheaper production of ICT devices, including those with mobile communication capacity. The real challenge is for every authoritative governance entity to capitalize on this rather fortuitous serendipity, to equip citizens with affordable ICT gadgets and tools. Open Sources fraternities, Good Samaritan organizations, philanthropic entities, and kind hearted billionaires, are known to offer connectivity devices and their concomitant applications to impoverished nations. Thus leveraging on ICT for societal social-health enhancement of wellness and quality of life is a reality.

Gladly, IOMC platform has certainly enhances rapid and instant medical and health knowledge exchange and dissemination. I treasure this experience which ultimately throws an expanding illuminating beacon of light towards knowledge for all mankind.


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