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Tips for writing a good Cover Letter & Statement of Purpose

By: Dr. Monica Gaidhane

1. State your education and the reasons to choose it. State a bit of your background and how it has influenced you and your method of working.

2. What your education, background has contributed to your learning curve?

3. Why are you interested in medicine or research. why are you interested in that particular topic in research;

4. What steps you took to learn about research or do research. How did various conferences/seminars/education etc help you achieve your objective?

5. How do you think IOMC can help you? Do you think it will contribute to your working or learning experience?

6. How do you think you can contribute to IOMC? (Please don't give vague answers like " I think I can help IOMC, and that IOMC can benefit from someone like me etc". Answer something like ' My strong background in analytical researches can help me evaluate analysis in researches, or my strong experience in conference organization can help me put together teams, meetings, organize a conference at various levels, etc)

7. Mention any landmarks in your career, mention any important researches you did, or are interested in. Mention the subjects of interest and what advancements you would like to see. Mention anything you did that helped your community health wise. Mention any health related issues you would like to be addressed currently, and whether you are interested in doing research or anything else about it.

8. Lastly, mention your strengths and weaknesses and how they will affect your working with IOMC. It is important to mention this fact. It would also be nice to mention " I have an incredible appetite for learning more, or I have a quest for knowledge". Convince us that IOMC will benefit you and that you can benefit IOMC.


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