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IOMC 2009 Abstracts/Papers List

The following table provides an updated status of abstracts and full papers submitted to IOMC 2009:
(Notice: Rejected submissions will be removed from the list and no more will be listed)

Name Country Title Type Status
Professor Sukhen Dey, Viren Kaul USA The Role of Information Technology Knowledge in Nursing
Full Paper Accepted
Jagpal Singh Klair India A Comparative Study of Efficacy and Tolerability of Ibuprofen vs. Aceclofenac in Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint Full Paper Accepted
Professor Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan, Associate Professor Dr. Latiffah Abdul Latiff, Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad Aziz Dollah, Miss Khaw Wan Fei Malaysia Rural Community Health Carnival: Screening for Chronic Disease Risk Factors i Jeli, Kelantan, Malaysia Full Paper Under Review
Nevzet Kovačević Bosnia & Herzegovina Transformation in Education of Nurses and Medical Technicians in Past and Today in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Full Paper Accepted
Nor Syuhada Bt Ahmad Bashah, Associate Professor Dr. Mahmood Ameen Abdulla Malaysia Cytoprotective Effect of Nigella sativa L. on Experimentally Induced Gastric Ulcer in Rats Full Paper Accepted
Siti Fatimah Zahra Mohd Anuar, Associate Professor Dr. Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Professor Dr.  Hapipah Mohd Ali, Dr. Salmah Ismail Malaysia Anti-ulcerogenic activity of aqueous extract of Ficus deltoidea against ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury in rats Full Paper Accepted
Ms.Nooriza Azaman, Associate Professor Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Associate Professor Dr Salmah Ismail Malaysia Wound Healing Activity of Solanum Torvum Aqueous Fruit Extract in Rats Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Charles C. Y. Lai, Associate Professor Dr. W. Bruce Conolly Australia Total Wrist Arthroplasty in Patients with Dysfunctional Wrists Full Paper Accepted
Associate Professor Dr. Uday Narlawar, Dr. Niharika A Juwarkar India Study of Common Myths and Misconceptions in Management of Animal Bite Cases Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Mortada H. AL-Medhaty, Asso. Prof. Dr. Zuki Abu Bakar Malaysia Secretory IgA concentrations in Uterine Lavages of Ewes are influenced by the Stage of the Oestrous Cycle Full Paper Accepted
Syed Wasif Gillani, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman Malaysia Chronic Infections and management setting in Drug addicts of MMT program in Pinang, Malaysia Full Paper Accepted
Elfadil Mustafa Abass, Durria Mansoor Sudan Visceral leishmaniasis/HIV co-infection in patients referred to Ahfad Biomedical Research Laboratory of Ahfad University for Women- Sudan during 2003-2007 Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Haleh Ahmadnia Iran Adverse events following immunization (AEFI) surveillance in Tehran West Health Center Between march 2006 to October 2008 Abstract Accepted
Dr. Marjan Laal Iran Acute Appendicitis:  Sensitivity, Specificity and Predictive Values of Ultrasonography Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Hebatallah A. Darwish, Dr. Amina Mahdy Egypt Alpha-lipoic acid and quercetin protect against methotrexate-induced hepatotoxicity in rats Full Paper Accepted
Rosaimawati binti Rokik, Associate Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ameen Abdulla, Prof. Dr. Hapipah Mohd Ali Malaysia Wound healing activity of aqueous extract of Allium sativum L .in rats Full Paper Accepted
Durria.M.Elhussein, Abdelhafeiz M, Somaya. M.Elsayed, Elfadil. M. Abass Sudan Gastrointestinal parasite infections among school children in displaced areas Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Bychkov A. V., Prof. Dorosevich A. E. Russia Molecular Biology and Genetics in Morphogenesis of Colorectal Adenomas Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Bychkov A. V., Prof. Dorosevich A. E. Russia Peculiarities of Vascular Component of Communicative Systems in Rectal Adenomas Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Bychkov A. V., Prof. Dorosevich A. E., D'souza J. W. Russia Postmortem Investigation of Patients Died from HIV-Infection Full Paper Accepted
Prof. Veerendra Kumar, Animesh Sinha, Ankur Kumar, Anshul Garg, Arpit Bhargava, Ashish Kumar Mishra, Bhanu Sharma, Brajendra Mishra India Finite Element Model of the Femur Bone Full Paper Accepted
Jasmin Musanovic, Dr. Marijana Filipovska-Musanovic Bosnia and Herzegovina War Influence upon Variability of Fetal Growth and Development Expressed through Body Weight of Newborns at Birth in City of Kakanj in Central Bosnia Abstract Accepted
Professor Raymond A. Smego USA A Personal Computer-Based Undergraduate Medical School Curriculum Using SOLE  Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Dragana Orlovic, Professor Raymond A. Smego USA Hypercoagulability Due to Protein S Deficiency in HIV-Seropositive Patients
Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Dragana Orlovic, Professor Raymond A. Smego USA Emerging Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Pneumonia
Full Paper Accepted
Saranya Selvakumar, Prof. Dr. C.V. Anand India Renal Dysfunction following Myocardial Infarction Full Paper Accepted
Sima Nasri, Hassan MatinHomaei, Vida Abdi Iran Evaluation of Knowledge and attitude of professional athletes and coaches toward AIDS in Iran Full Paper Accepted
H. Prasannaa, V.Arun Kumar India Prevention of Automobile Accidents in Epilepsy Patients Full Paper Accepted
Dinesh Kuamr A., Thamizhazhagn.M India Telemedicine and Medicine Vending Machine for Efficient Health Care, Diagnosis and Treatment Full Paper Accepted
Zayed Harara, Abdall Abed, Fadel A.sharif Palestine HFE Gene Mutations Among β-Thalassemia Intermediate and β -Thalassemia Minor Individuals in Gaza Strip, Palestine Full Paper Accepted
V.Arun Kumar, Vani Damodaran  India Hearing Aid Implementation through Teeth Full Paper Accepted
Diana Pirjol, Prof. Dr. Liliana Padure Romania Contribution of the Earlier Ortheses in the Obstetrical Plexus Palsy Management Full Paper Accepted
Aurelia Dulgheru, Prof. Dr. Liliana Padure, Diana Pirjol Romania Cerebral Palsy-Treatments of foot disorders var equin medical condition Full Paper Accepted
Shubhangi Arora, Dr. Nibhriti Das, Dr. Kamna Srivastav India Nitric oxide and eNOS gene in Essential Hypertension Full Paper Accepted
Prof. Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar, Dr. Abhishek. R. Payal India Doppler Studies in the individuals with injuries around the hip-immediately after injury and after treatment Full Paper Accepted
George Collins, Thomas McLeod, Dr. Njilah Isaac Konfor, Clarisse B Lamnyam, Leo Ngarka, Nfor Leo Njamnshi UK / Cameroon Tungiasis: A Neglected Health Problem in Rural Cameroon Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Fatma Al-Maskari, Dr. Syed Shah, Schneider J, Nagelkerke NJ, Al-Sharhan R, Al-Haj E, Al-Kaabi K, Khonji D.  UAE Prevalence of Depression and its Correlates among Unskilled Workers in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Abstract Accepted
Anasua Deb India Attitude and Awareness of Male Attendees of a Tertiary Care Level Hospital in India Regarding Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV Infection Abstract Accepted
Dr. Berdnikova Nadyia G., Dr. Zorina Larisa A. Russia Study of Influency Indol-3-Carbinol, Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate and Soy on Proliferation Diseases of the Reproductive System in Women Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Muhammad Taher, Dr. Fadzilah Adibah Abdul Majid, Prof. Dr. Mohamad Roji Sarmidi Malaysia Cinnamtannin B1: A Small Compound Having Antidiabetes Properties Full Paper Accepted
Nasar Al Wahaibi, Prof. Dr. Jamaludin Mohamed, Dr. Siti Balkis Budin, Dr. Asha Alhamadani Malaysia The effects of supra-nutritional dose of sodium selenite on chemically induced hepatocarcinogenesis in male rats Full Paper Accepted
Nikhil Madhuripan, Sabin.S India Injury Surveillance System Trial for Medical College Hospital Thiruvananthapuram Full Paper Accepted
Abdulmajeed Alzakri, Abdulrahman Alaseem Saudi Arabia Sleep Habits and Academic Performance in Medical Students Full Paper Accepted
Tahir .M. Khan, Syed. A. Syed Sulaiman, Mohamed .A. Hassali, Amir.H. Khan, Syed Wasif Gillani Malaysia Students Mental health literacy and attitudes toward depression; Outcome of a survey conducted at a Malaysian University Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Marijana Filipovska-Musanovic, Jasmin Musanovic Bosnia and Herzegovina What is the association between socioeconomic status and total risk of developing cardiovascular disease and death in patients in one rural family medicine clinic? Full Paper Accepted
Zijad Muharemovic, Jasmin Musanovic Bosnia and Herzegovina Application of Conducting Polymer Polyaniline in Biomedical Monitoring Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Kedar Prashant Padhye India Awareness and Knowledge of HIV/AIDS in outdoor patients of Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Karad Full Paper Accepted
Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hady El-Gilany Egypt Students' opinion about training in primary health care  Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Suresh Vatsyayann New Zealand Lipomas and Vatsyayann’s Lipoma Delivery Technique Full Paper Accepted
Dr. Suresh Vatsyayann New Zealand Defining Health Full Paper Accepted
Jay Mehta India To evaluate the efficacy of tumor markers CA 19-9 and CEA to predict operability and survival in pancreatic malignancies Full Paper Accepted
D. H. Hussein, H. Gitano-Briggs, M. Z. Addullah Malaysia Performance Prediction and Modeling of the Artificial Heart Axial Blood Pump Full Paper Under Review

Table last update: Mar. 07, 2009

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