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OnLine English to provide IOMC 2009 registered participants with discounted professional editing services ...

OnLine English, which is one of the Golden Sponsors of IOMC 2009,  has agreed to provide its professional editing services for IOMC 2009 registered participants, at a discounted price. Therefore, we are glad to announce that all IOMC registered participants can enjoy 10% discount on the editing services that they can can order to receive from OnLine English.

Therefore, IOMC conference organizers would like to recommend these professional services to all authors of IOMC 2009 Papers specially those whose native language is not English.

The following table shows an example of OnLine English services fee before & after discount:


Paper Type

(word count)

Normal Fee

(Including AU$ 60 Processing fee)

IOMC Discounted Fee

(10% OFF the total normal fee)

1,000 words

AU$ 108.50 + AU$ 60 = AU$ 168.50

AU$ 168.50 less AU$ 16.85 discount = AU$ 151.65

2,500 words

AU$ 271.25 + AU$ 60 = AU$ 331.25

AU$ 331.25 less AU$ 33.12 discount = AU$ 298.13

4,000 words

AU$ 434.00 + AU$ 60 = AU$ 494.00

AU$ 494.00 less AU$ 49.40 discount = AU$ 444.60

6,000 words

AU$ 651.00 + AU$ 60 = AU$ 711.00

AU$ 711.00 less AU$ 71.10 discount = AU$ 639.90


         All units are in Australian Dollar (AU$). Each Australian Dollar is approximately 0.51 of Euro [1 Euro = 1.98 Australian Dollar (approximately)]

         OnLine English normal editing fee is AU$ 108.50 per 1,000 words + AU$ 60 processing fee

         This 10% special discount applies only to IOMC 2009 Registered Participants.

        The discount may also apply to other types of services. For more information, please see http://www.oleng.com.au/index.php/OnLine-English-fee-schedule.html for details.



OnLine English specialize in providing an English correction and improvement service for authors whose native language is not English.

Having an international quality assurance accreditation (ISO 9001:2000),

OnLine English: Your Partner in Quality

OnLine English guarantees that research papers are edited by experts, most with PhDs and many years of experience. Besides, OnLine English continues to offer assistance after the document is returned.

OnLine English specialises in journal submission. However, it can handle documents of all types (for example, research papers and abstracts, conference presentations, referees' reports, responses to referees' reports, CVs, newsletter articles, annual reports, proposals and submissions).

OnLine English Team is included of editors in a large number of fields.

For complete information about the OnLine English service (in English) you can visit OnLine English website at http://www.oleng.com.au/


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