Dr. Mensura Kudumović is a senior assistant and lecturer in Medical Faculty and Senior Medical School, University of Sarajevo and a Scientific Committee of IOMC 2009.

Dr. Kudumović has over 33 scientific papers, 26 professional papers, and 10 professional projects. She cooperates with several others scientific, high educational institutions and institutes such as: Pharmaceutical Faculty in Sarajevo, Economy Institute in Sarajevo, Constructional Institute in Tuzla, Educational Center in Sarajevo and Tuzla, etc.

Being fluent in English, Italian and Russian, she is a initiator and participant of many expert scientific projects and papers.

Dr. Mensura Kudumović is the Executive Director for Folia Medica Journal (published by the Medical faculty universities of Sarajevo for almost 42 years). She is also the Editor-in-Chief for HealthMED Journal published by DRUNPP Association of Sarajevo since 2006.

2nd International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2009)