International Online Knowledge Services Provider (IOKSP) is a research-based online knowledge solution provider since 2006.

IOKSP aims to enhance the science and research arena worldwide through its innovative, comprehensive, and user-friendly services.
We strive to complement and enhance medical research and avoid from replacing and/or using advice or information from a health professional unless by taking necessary permissions and providing related references.

In 2008, IOKSP held the FIRST ever-held ONLINE Medical Conference Worldwide, attracting around 100 medical researchers, practitioners, activists, nurses, pharmacists, and medical students worldwide.

International Online Knowledge Services Provider (IOKSP)

IOMC seeks to provide a forum for discussing and presenting research findings, studies, and experiences in the field of medicine, to create an opportunity for medical researchers, activists, scientists, students, and specialists to meet each other online and share their research papers, and to provide a chance to find new research colleagues and partners for future research works.
Besides, IOMC aims to enhance medical research worldwide and empower young researchers.

IOKSP is a non-for-profit initiative which uses advertisement, donations,  and individual sponsorships as income sources to support its activities and mission. To know about the Advertisement Policy of IOKSP, please click here. Based in Iran, IOKSP website and its mirrors respect the legal requirements of personal and medical information privacy that apply in the country. In the meanwhile, IOKSP operates as a global organization aiming to provide the best online knowledge solution services to its users all over the world.

The best way to contact us for general enquiries is via email directed to Mr. Nejati, IOKSP Director at

IOKSP has its virtual offices by its representatives in all continents.

Our postal address is: Sunny Ville, Jalan Batun Uban, Gelugor, Pulao Pinang, Malaysia

Last update: Aug. 20, 2009