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Global Medical Researchers Collaboration Scheme (GMRCS)

Global Medical Researchers Collaboration Scheme (GMRCS) is a program which provides medical researchers, practitioners, students, professors and all medical activists with an opportunity to find research colleagues and research partners from around the world.

Provided through an strategic alliance with Journal Alerts, one of IOMC 2009 Sponsors, the Medical Researchers Match-Maker Service will be provided under GMRCS free of charge, aiming to enhance medical research globally. All interested people can enroll in GMRCS by emailing the following information to iomc@journalalerts.com:

- Full Name
- Degree/Position
- Organization
- Research Interest

You can check the list of available Research Candidates, as well as formed research teams at http://www.journalalerts.com/iomc.htm

In order to encourage the culture of teamwork and enhance global medical research, IOMC 2009 Organizers will give the
GMRCS Award to one best paper submitted to IOMC conference under the Global Medical Researchers Collaboration Scheme (GMRCS).