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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
- When will the conference certificates & package be posted to participants?
IOMC package including conference certificate & Proceeding E-Book will be posted to registered participants after the conference.

- How does IOMC take place?
IOMC will take place completely online using the internet technology.

- Is this the first series of IOMC conference?
No. IOMC 2008 was successfully held on May 10 & 11, 2008 with over 50 participants from around the world.

- Where can I find more information about the previous IOMC conference?
You can visit IOMC 2008 website at http://iomc.ioksp.com/2008/

- Will the best papers of the conference be awarded?
Yes! There are a variety of awards including Best paper Awards, Best Student Awards, Best Presentation Award, etc. Please visit Awards List to find more information.

- What are the benefits of IOMC in comparison with physical conferences?
IOMC is the FIRST ever-introduced and held Online Medical Conference internationally and at a global scale attracting medical practitioners, students, professors, researchers, and activists from around the world submitting their research findings to the conference and discussion the latest medical findings online.
The online nature of IOMC saves the conference participants from paying extra c
osts of travel, accommodation, and visa. Instead, conference participants can simply register to the conference and log in to conference website in order to attend different conference presentations and workshops online.

- What is the function of Conference Student's Board  (CSB)?

Conference Students Board (CSB) is responsible to guide student interested to attend the 2nd International Online Medical conference, and provide them with information. Besides, they will introduce IOMC 2009 to medical students so that all interested people can use the unique opportunity that IOMC brings to them by providing a comfortable and cost-effective means to communicate and share experiences and knowledge. CSB will also decide on students reviewer application forms, and help the conference organizers in determining the students registration scholarship winners.

- How should the conference fee be paid?
You can find more information about conference registration here.

- Is it possible to advertise with IOMC 2009 or become a sponsor?
Yes; if your are interested to know about advertisement/sponsorship programs, please contact iomc@ioksp.com

Last Update: March 02, 2009